About Us

The SunAngel Mission

Welcome to SunAngel Fitness! We are an Indoor Cycling, Personal Training and Group Training studio that has the objective to bring everyone together to work on their fitness goals. We provide a fitness facility and services to everyone from the people who cannot remember the last time they exercised, to the hard-core athletes and everyone in-between.  Please do not be hesitant in joining us because you will find many clients who are at all different levels and abilities. Also, our warm and welcoming atmosphere will let you know you are in the right place.


The SunAngel Philosophy

Our goal at SunAngel Fitness is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through exercise to people of all ages and abilities in New Fairfield and our surrounding area. We want a strong fitness program to become a fixture in the daily routine of our whole community. Along with this we believe exercise needs to be fun and enjoyable and we strive to make that experience a reality in all of our classes and programs.