SunAngel Fitness Cancellation Policy

Hi everyone, we need to inform you all that we are putting in a cancellation policy that will officially go into effect this Monday, January 21, 2013. We actually really hate doing this but so many of our classes are full with waiting lists and we need to have sufficient time to fill a bike to be fair to those on the waiting list. Plus, please know our main reason for doing this is because we want to be in business for a long time and continue to provide our services to our amazing and wonderful clientele for many years to come. The Policy reads as such “If a client wishes to cancel a class or training session at SunAngel fitness L.L.C., this must be done by 5 pm the evening before the client’s scheduled class/session. If the client has not cancelled by 5 pm the evening before the scheduled class/session, the client’s 10 or 20 pass will be charged. If the client does not hold a 10 or 20 pass it is expected that the client will reconcile the charges for the class missed at their next scheduled class/session. To cancel a class you may text, call, email or message via Facebook.” With that said Zac and I are completely reasonable human beings and we know extenuating circumstances do come up so please talk to us if missing a class without giving proper notice was a completely unavoidable situation.